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Maximize margins, efficiency & sales

Your Patrons Can Cook

By offering prepped and ready to cook meal kits of your best menu items, patrons can experience your food the way its meant to be eaten, fresh!  Beside, we all think we are chefs.


We all have to eat

The good news is the demand for food will always be there.  People are looking for ways to stay excited about food as we learn to live safely in our communities.

Meal kits give your patrons an alternative to repetitive recipes and soggy take out.  They get to enjoy your restaurants flavors as you find a new way to sell!

Reduce Costs

Our mission is to help you reduce variable costs built into your menu prices (such as marketing & labor costs)

Improve Efficiency

Meals kits can be prepared, packaged and delivered in bulk during off peak hours for both restaurant and logistics staff.

Increase Sales

Meal kits are a creative way to bring in additional revenue.  Sell more of your popular items to those who crave your food.

Sell More Catering

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