Why SimpleMeals

During these unprecedented times, our "new normals" continue to change as we try to figure out how to live, earn, socialize and enjoy life. 

Cooking for our families has become a routine chore and dinner date nights have become soggy restaurant take out.  It's just not the same.

We know there is a better way!  

SimpleMeals has been working with your favorite local restaurants to bring you the flavors you love.  Everything is prepared and packaged ready for you to complete at home.  Restaurants want you to experience their food the best possible way, fresh!

Food has always been there to make us happy and bring us closer together.  

  • You are the chef - Watch videos or follow recipes, without prepping it will be easy.
  • Try new restaurants & cuisines - Search online for a meal from a restaurant you've been wanting to try.
  • Make it special - Whether eating with loved ones or hanging with friends, make it a memorable experience.
  • Save money - Try food from premium restaurants at affordable prices.
  • Reduce waste - Stop buying unused ingredients.
  • Support local restaurants
  • Have fun - Bring the family together while you enjoy your SimpleMeals!