About Us

For the last few years we have seen 3rd party tech companies become a "must have" for any restaurant looking to offer delivery. However, this comes at a very high price for restaurants.  Many are stripped of their precious margins by 20-35% and often times can't survive. As social distancing increases, many restaurants are hurting and continue to get crushed on any food sold through these apps.  They are closing their doors by the day.

There has to be a better way...

That’s why we created SimpleMeals, a virtual food hall that allows restaurants to be online and available at a fixed amount they can afford.   Patrons can show support and order food from their favorite local restaurants & discover new ones too.

SimpleMeals brings a much needed solution to struggling restaurants and the customers who want to help.  As a community, we'll work together to make sure patrons continue to get great food & service from the restaurant they love.